Time to recharge your car’s air conditioning?


A fully functioning car air conditioning makes our travel comfortable. However, if you have got into your car and felt warm stuffy air you could be in an uncomfortable journey. This is a very common car air conditioning problem that every car driver has to deal with at least once during their ownership. Just like any major component, the air-conditioner will wear out eventually. When there is a drop in cooling efficiency, it’s time to have the system cleaned or recharged.


What is car air conditioning regas?
Air-con regassing is the process of removing the old refrigerant gas from your air conditioning system and replacing it with new, so your air-con can run cold again.

Over time, refrigerant gas can become clogged-up with fine particles and moisture, meaning it can’t cool the cabin as it did when the car was new. It’s important to maintain your car’s air-con regularly so that no excess strain is placed on the engine when it’s trying to keep the system running.


How to Tell When Your Car’s Air Con Needs Regassing?

There are a couple of signs that tell you when your car’s air con needs a regas. Firstly, the air being blown out of the vents won’t be as cool as it used to be, and you might find that the car struggles to get down to a nice cool temperature on very warm days.

And secondly, the air-con may give out a bad, musty smell. This is due to the moisture, dirt, and particles collected in the refrigerant gas, so it’ll need replacing if you want to enjoy a cool, fresh cabin again.


How often should you get your car Air con regassed?
Most vehicle manufacturers recommend that you regas your car’s air conditioning system every 1-2 years. Regular maintenance will help you avoid potential problems in the future.


How long does an aircon regas take?
The process takes about 45 minutes to an hour to completely remove the old gas and refill with fresh refrigerant.


Where can I get my air con regas?
At Mr Mechanic, we offer a complete air conditioning regas service or any vehicle air conditioning needs. Trained mechanics will perform a series of checks and repair to get your air conditioner in top condition.



We want to get your vehicle air conditioning working to its optimal performance, so Book Online or click CALL now for a FREE Quote!


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