All about certification of Inspection

All about certification of Inspection

In response to emerging technologies and changing customer expectations, the Queensland Government has announced a new, innovative framework for the personalised transport industry.

In May 2017, one of their implementation from Personalised Transport Horizon – Stage 2) All vehicles are required to get an annual Certificate of Inspection that is included in their framework under standardised vehicle safety requirements. The framework will cover the personalised transport industry across Queensland.

Certificate of Inspection (COI) vehicles (such as heavy vehicles, buses, taxis, and booked hire vehicles) registered in Queensland may need to have a periodic or programmed inspection to check the least vehicle safety standards. Once vehicle passed inspection a COI will be issued.

The vehicle must be presented in a clean condition and free of excessive grease to ensure the components can be inspected. The vehicle should be checked for defects and have any necessary repairs completed before the presentation for a COI to prevent the need for a re-inspection.

Certificate of Inspection Vehicle Types

The following is a list of COI vehicle types, with information on how long their COI is valid, and who inspects vehicles for renewals.

Vehicle Inspection Requirements
  1. Purpose of Use (common purposes of use include)
    • private
    • commercial
    • dealer
    • licensed tow truck
    • non-profit use
    • taxi
    • driver trainer and tuition.
  2. Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) or Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM)
  3. For Buses, registered seating capacity


Renewals of COI’s

A reminder notice will be received generally around 10 weeks before your COI expires—but it’s your responsibility to ensure your COI vehicle has a current COI.

If a COI vehicle is inspected

• up to 1 month before the current certificate expires, the new certificate will not begin until the current certificate expires
• more than 1 month before the current certificate expires, the new certificate will commence from the date the vehicle was inspected
• after its previous certificate expires, the expiry date of the new certificate will be calculated from the expiry of the previous certificate (e.g. if your COI is normally due on 1 July but you have it inspected on 1 August, your new COI will commence on 1 July.

You may check your registration status online. You can search for a registration (current or expired) using the following details

• Registration number
• Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) ONLY for the vehicle since January 01, 1989


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