When do I need Safety Certificates?


In Queensland, a roadworthy certificate is called a safety certificate. Queensland Transport requires any vehicle to have a safety inspection before it can be offered for sale or have its interstate registration transferred.

Remember You need Roadworthy or safety certificates are when:


You sell a light vehicle (such as a car or motorcycle) in Queensland, or
Transferring registration to a new owner, or
When transferring to Queensland registration from another state or Territory, or
When re-registering an unregistered vehicle


This will help minimise the number of poorly maintained vehicles on the road. In some cases, a certificate of roadworthiness (roadworthy certificate or safety certificates) is also required to clear a Vehicle Defect Notice.


Certificate of Inspection Examples

Some Approved inspection stations (AIS) issue certificates of inspection electronically. View the example electronic certificates (COI) below:

• Electronic – assigned certificate of inspection example https://publications.qld.gov.au/dataset/59973e37-b761-4931-9095-4ad5a58dfeee/resource/ad2952ef-4777-4478-9bf5-0f4799f091df/download/electronic-sc-assigned-hv.pdf

• Electronic – unassigned certificate of inspection example https://publications.qld.gov.au/dataset/59973e37-b761-4931-9095-4ad5a58dfeee/resource/2094607f-13cb-41ef-8056-536265661a03/download/electronic-sc-unassigned-hv.pdf


An unassigned certificate is issued when your vehicle’s details are not recorded in TMR’s system (for example, interstate registered vehicles) or do not match what is already recorded in TMR’s system. If the Certificate of Inspection is not issued because the vehicle failed the inspection, you will need to get the defects fixed before getting a re-inspection.


Certificate of Inspection Fees

The cost of getting a certificate of inspection in QLD varies from vehicle to vehicle and can be issued by Transport and Main Roads vehicle inspection centre (TMR) and Approved Inspections Station (AIS). You may check the link for the fee updates at https://www.qld.gov.au/transport/buying/vehicleinspection/periodicinspection/about#fees

Getting and displaying a Safety Certificate

Approved inspection stations (AIS) offer vehicle inspection and are the only business in Queensland that can issue safety certificates. Either, they will give you a handwritten certificate or an electronic certificate. When issued a handwritten certificate, you must display it (or the blue cover label)

√ Offer vehicle on sale
√ List vehicle online for sale
√ Display that it is for sale in public
√ Drive the car with a sign offering it for sale “buy me or interested?”

• For motorcycles – on the front forks or guard
• Car – on the windscreen or window
• Trailer – on the drawbar

While electronic certificate, no need to display on your vehicle once listed for sale. However, you must be able to produce it once requested by a buyer, buyer’s agent police or transport inspector. AIS will send an email (PDF) or provide a printed copy of the certificate

*A fine of over $560 if you do not clearly display a handwritten certificate from the moment you offer it for sale.


Where can I get a Safety Certificate?

If you need to get a safety certificate, any Approved Inspection Stations (AIS) offer vehicle inspections. And AIS are the only business in Queensland (QLD) that can issue safety certificate.

AIS can provide either an electronic issued certificate or a handwritten certificate. Finding an approved inspection station online is easy. Your search can include:

• Location (suburb or postcode)
• Inspection type
• Stations that provide a mobile inspection
• Stations that provide electronic safety certificates online certificate inspection (ICO)

NOTE: AIS may also charge a slight travel fee to come to you


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