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Brisbane Mobile Brake Repairs


Brisbane Brake Repairs. 
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Brake repairs are probably the most necessary repairs required on your car.

There really is nothing more important than maintaining correct thickness brake pads.

The moment that your brakes are grinding, squealing, vibrating, pulling to one side
or you feel that that the brake pedal is soft or too close to the floor, or you notice
that the handbrake lever is pulling up too high, call Mr Mechanic mobile brake repairs.

What actually happens when you brakes start to squeal is the metal in the back
of the pads starts to rub on the brake disc.

This is the time to act!

If you let this continue YOU WILL DO EXPENSIVE DAMAGE.

In their normal operating state brake pads rely on a softer friction
material to squeeze on the brake disc. Over time and lots of stops
this these friction pads wear thin and eventually the metal they
are glued to will scrape on the metal brake disc and ruin the disc.

When we inspect your brakes If the disc brake rotor surface is scratched
or gouged, we will measure the disc brake rotor thickness. If it is above
minimum specification we will machine the disc rotors. If it is equal or below
minimum specification we will replace the rotors with new ones.

If brake calipers are worn or sticky or you have uneven wear on the brakes we can also overhaul or replace the brake caliper.

Once all parts are fitted we bleed the braking system and make sure the brake fluid is at the correct level.

Mr Mechanic can repair or replace the brake pads, brake shoes, master cylinder, disc rotors, brake drums, brake caliper, wheel bearing, wheel cylinders and brake line/ hose with our mobile car repair service.

Examples of common brake problems:

High-pitched squeal: If the squealing stops when you are not braking your brake pads are worn.

Metal-on-metal sound when braking: The brake pads or shoes are completely worn away. Driving is now damaging your cars rotors or drums and reducing your braking performance.

Brake pedal is soft: Or, if it gets harder when pumped, your brakes need ‘bleeding’ to get air bubbles out of the brake lines or brakes require adjusting or fluid flushing.

Brake pedal slowly sinks to the car floor: Requires a new brake master cylinder.

Car pulls to one side when braking: Indicates insufficient hydraulic pressure or a sticking brake.

Pulsing when braking at high speeds: This indicates warped brake rotors.

Smoking brakes and burnt rubber smell: This usually indicates a stuck brake caliper, wheel cylinder or hand brake cable. This can also happen if you drive with the hand brake on.